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VMS First Aid Training Grant

Vincent Men’s Shed Safety Grant

Members’ safety is a top priority here at Vincent Men’s Shed and we are always looking for ways make the Shed a great place to get together and safely work on a wide range of projects. Our latest safety initiative is to have all our Day Managers undertake a St John of God one-day first aid training course.

The training is being paid for through a successful application to the Lotterywest program administered by Men’s Sheds of WA.

We expect to have all Day Managers complete the training by the end of the year 2022.

VMS Double Vaccination requirement from 31st January 2022

Dear Members

After the overwhelming response to the latest survey re; vaccinations and the shed The survey results stated 80% of members agreed to:-

“The Vincent Men’s Shed implement a policy that all members need to be double vaccinated to attend the shed.”

With that mandate the Vincent Men’s Shed committee will implement a procedure
that from the 31st January 2022 all members attending the shed at 10 Farmer Street, North Perth will need to be double vaccinated.

To implement this procedure members will need to show their vaccination certificate.
Once this has been done the members name will be ticked off the register and a pink and white dot will be placed on the members name tag. This will be a one off thing for members. It will be the responsibility of the day manager after the 31st January 2022 to ensure all members attending the shed that the appropriate sticker is on their name badge.

The following members will be responsible for the register and placing the sticker on the name badge:-
Monday Roy Haagman
Tuesday Lynton Hebiton
Thursday Ross Boulter
Saturday Either one of the above three.
The VMS Committee asks all members to please accept the new procedure and will not except any bad behaviour whether verbal or not.
If you send an email copy I will pass on to the members previously mentioned for approval.

Roy Haagman
Chairman for and on behalf of the VMS committee

Christmas 2021 and New Year 2022 opening times

Dear Members,

We would like to remind you all the shed workshop is closed on Saturday 11th December 2021 for the annual Christmas lunch which starts at 12 noon.

We will be open as usual on Saturday the 18th of December 2021. This will be the last day for the Christmas close and we will reopen on Monday 10th January 2022.

For those not attending the Christmas party the committee wishes you a merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

February 2021 COVID-19 Shed Closures

Hello Members,
following the announcement by WA Premier Mark McGowan, Vincent Men’s Shed will be closed for the coming week due to the current COVID19 lockdown. At this stage we intend to reopen on Saturday February 6th 2021 if permitted. The shed is closed for the Monday 1st, Tuesday 2nd, Thursday 4th of February 2021 sessions. Please check your emails and Facebook for further announcements.
VMS Committee, January 31st 2021.

SafeWA Visitor Compliance

Starting Thursday December 10th 2020 Vincent Men’s Shed will comply with the SafeWA visitor tracing system. VMS members must continue to use the Tag On system for our records. Additionally for COVID19 tracing reasons, all visitors including VMS members must use the official SafeWA phone app to log their visit. Our Tag On screen displays the VMS SafeWA QR code. Please ensure members, guests and every visitor comply with these requirements during every visit.

Download the app:

Safe WA Logo

Safe WA Logo

VMS new tag on system

Vincent Men’s Shed has a new tag on system. The system is used to member entry and exit of the shed, and allows us to get a better understanding of how our members use the shed.

Watch the how to video on YouTube:

How it works: Find your name tag when you arrive and tap against the card reader. Check the on screen message to ensure it says ‘Tag On Success’. Tag again, to see the ‘Goodbye’ message when you leave. Don’t forget to hang your name tag back on the board before you leave.

If your tag is not recognised by the system you will receive a message saying please see the day manager.

VMS New Committee Announcement, August 2020

As a result of the resent AGM and a subsequent committee meeting, the new committee for 2020/2021 is:

Chairman: John Combes
Treasurer: Ross Boulter
Secretary: Terri Kaye
Assistant Secretary: Norm Young

Committee Members: Adam Price, Simon Robinson, John Bartlem, John Hadsis.

We wish to express our heartfelt thanks to Roy for all his outstanding work as chairman, to Lynton for his amazing support for membership (and everything else), to Alf, Frank, Richard and all the committee members for managing the Shed safely through the difficulties of this year.

The new committee will work to continue the high standards set by these members.

Shed Re-opens from Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Hi Guys

The VMS Committee has decided to re-open the shed on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 under the following strict COVID 19 safety guidelines. It is imperative that all members adhere to the safety health guidelines and by not conforming you will be asked to leave the shed.

These Guidelines have been drawn up by the VMS based on advice given by the WA Government, the Australian Health Protection Committee, and the WA Health Department.

Please read the following carefully so as to understand the shed protocols and to keep yourself and all the shed members safe and health.

Vincent Men’s Shed COVID Safety Plan:

1) The committee of the VMS has agreed to no more than 14 members in the shed at any one time. The 14 does not include the Day Manager.

2) This number of 14 was what 76% of the members suggested according to the recent survey sent out to members.

3) A manual sign in form will be at the front door where members must sign in. Please enter from the front door only, not the roller door. If when signing in or out or you are wanting to make yourself a cup of coffee and other members are around the area, please practice social distancing.

4) Good hygiene must always be followed. It is the Day Managers responsibility to ensure this is practiced. Please respect this as it is for your safety.

5) Hand sanitizer is at the front door, in the kitchen and in a convenient place in the shed.

6) Washing facilities in the bathroom remain the same.

7) Bacterial wipes will be in the kitchen area and in a convenient place in the shed.

8) All tools must be wiped down by the member before using it and again when finished.

9) Tables and chairs as well as all white goods in the recreational area are to be wiped down by the Day Manager or if he appoints somebody to help him. This must be done before the shed opens and after it closes and between morning and afternoon sessions. This should also be done after tea breaks.

10) There is currently no need to wear masks or gloves but if members feel more comfortable wearing them that is ok. It is not the responsibility of the shed to supply them so members will have to supply their own.

11) As most of our members are in the vulnerable age bracket and or may also be health compromised it is imperative you practice good health hygiene when in the shed.

12) If you do not feel well, please do not compromise fellow members by coming to the shed. Stay at home.

13) Please respect and adhere to all advice and suggestions made by the Day Manager.

We are all in this together
Roy Haagman
Chairman Vincent Men’s Shed