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VMS First Aid Training Grant

Vincent Men’s Shed Safety Grant

Members’ safety is a top priority here at Vincent Men’s Shed and we are always looking for ways make the Shed a great place to get together and safely work on a wide range of projects. Our latest safety initiative is to have all our Day Managers undertake a St John of God one-day first aid training course.

The training is being paid for through a successful application to the Lotterywest program administered by Men’s Sheds of WA.

We expect to have all Day Managers complete the training by the end of the year 2022.

Bendigo Bank donates $2500 to Vincent Men’s Shed

Frank Paolino, Branch Manager North Perth Bendigo Bank, recently handed over a cheque for $2500. Frank and Bendigo Bank are keen supporters of the Shed and look forward to seeing the Shed prosper. The money has been set aside to fund the purchase of 2 x Sea Containers planned and subject to City of Vincent approval, to be installed at the eastern end of the Shed. The shed is very grateful to the Bendigo Bank’s enthusiastic and ongoing support of the Shed.Bendigo Bank donates $2500 to Vincent Mens Shed



January 2020: An email was sent recently asking shedders to respond to a number of questions related to the purchase of capital equipment. The purpose of the survey was to establish member support on what the committee felt was important to purchase in the future.

The committee now wish to share the outcomes of the survey. 30 members responded with sufficient data to make an informed decision. Here are the collective responses.

1. CNC – estimated cost $5000
More than half considered it was worthwhile purchasing a new CNC. The ratio was 60/40.

2. Thicknesser – estimated cost $5000
There was strong support for this item with almost 90% supporting this future purchase.

3. Drop Saw – estimated cost $1000
Again, there was strong support with 77% agreeing to the proposed purchase.

4. Air Compressor – estimated cost $2000
52% of respondents agreed to this purchase.

Since the survey a committee member has stepped forward and negotiated the supply [$0] of a good capacity compressor. It was delivered last Saturday and unloaded with the assistance of some Shedders. Thank you. Now we need to install the compressed air reticulation around the shed.

5. What else do you consider we should purchase?
About 10 members offered suggestions from a bench grinder, laser cutter, vacuum for sanders [external use] , belt sander, wood lathe, additional Makita drills. Thank you.

6. Do you wish to donate to our capital works fund? Leave your name and amount you wish to pledge.
Only 3 respondents offered a total of $570. Your committee extends a Special thank you to these people. We are setting up a separate account to be known as the Capital Equipment Fund.

What now?
Your committee will consider the results and use the data to underpin future grants.

Clearly, we will need to raise further funds. We look forward to members stepping forward and assisting with the various projects underway.

We thank you for your response. Even though the survey is closed, your feedback is always welcome.

VMS Update May 2019


The Chairman, Lynton Hebiton, and Treasurer Roy Haagman, recently met with the City of Vincent Mayor Emma Cole and the Director of Community Engagement, Mick Quirk, to discuss the Shed’s proposal to extend the Shed in the medium term.

Also discussed was a Short term additional storage option by means of installing two small sea – containers with a roof between them to create a covered area which could be used for an extra working space. These would be located along the fence line next to the Bowling Club.

The Director undertook to attempt to remove a current roadblock to our (temporary) proposal which required us to sign a lease agreement (currently under development by the City). Permission to install the containers would be subject to a successful application for planning permission.

Our medium and longer term aspirations would need to be part of an approved Master Plan for the Woodville Reserve. Preparation of the plan is due to start in August and the Men’s Shed will be invited to contribute. A VMS working party will need to consult with members to develop proposals to meet our requirements.


Bunnings, Morley branch, have kindly allowed the Shed to hold another BBQ on their site on Sunday 23rd June.

This important fundraiser for the Shed is an opportunity for you (the member) to assist with catering and raising the profile of the Vincent Men’s Shed to the public on the day.

An separate email will be sent out shortly asking members to contact Fergus Beer with an offer to help. Even an hour of your time would be of great help to the Shed. If you couldn’t help out last time NOW is your chance to step up.


All items of equipment in the Shed are considered to be dangerous if used incorrectly or without the correct training. If you are not familiar with how to use any item of equipment please contact the DAY MANAGER for advice on who to discuss with and how to operate the equipment.

The Day Manager will give advice on who to talk with about operating equipment and, unless approved by the Committee, those people are the only ones who can give instruction or advice on equipment use.

The Shed also has also purchased a number of USB sticks for all members to access with information and instructions to reinforce that your safety in the Shed is paramount and of importance to us all. Please contact the Day Manger to borrow a USB stick and then take the time to look at it.

Finally can I remind all members that they are responsible for cleaning up their work area upon completion of their work for the day.

Even if somebody else is using the equipment when you are about to leave clean up YOUR MESS around the area and put away the tools that you were using. Members have been observed leaving early without cleaning up and hoping that someone else will do it but unfortunately it comes back to the Day Manager to do!!!!

Cameras now operate in the Shed 24/7 – don’t risk being named and shamed!!

VMS Committee

February 2019 shed events

We have a busy week at the shed, please see the following event reminders:

Thursday 14th February 2019 from 10:30am: Jeffery Williams will address our members on the topic of “Defibrillator for Dummies”. Jeffery is a Nurse Administrator & is also involved with the St John Ambulance Service. He will provide a mannequin & a unit. Jeffery is an entertaining character & considering the average age at the Shed it will be an excellent opportunity to familiarise members with our unit.

Thursday 14th February 2019 from 12:00 noon: Shed members sausage sizzle. $3.00 per serve, $1.00 per drinks.

Saturday 16th February 2019 10:00am to 12:00 noon: Monthy Photography Club: Free to all interested members, just turn up on the day. Bring your camera and a laptop to process images and learn a little or share your experiences and images.

Saturday 16th February 2019 2:00pm to 4:00pm: Shed Garage Sale set up only. The sale takes place on Sunday but we need some help with getting things organised the day before. Please bring any last minute donations of items for sale.

Sunday 17th February 2019 8:00am to 2:00 pm: Shed Garage Sale. We still need some volunteers to staff the stall and generally help out with our Garage Sale. Please give Peter a call on 0417 988 415 if you are able to volunteer your time.

Garage Sale at the Shed Sunday 17th February 2019

Calling all Members …

As part of our ongoing efforts to raise much needed funds to continue the work of Vincent Men’s Shed, we are planning to hold a Garage Sale at the Shed on Sunday 17th February.

You are able to help by donating your unwanted items for sale, with all monies raised going to the Shed.

The sort of items we are looking for are:

Games & toys
CDs & vinyl records
hand tools
vintage dishes
fishing & camping gear
artwork and jewelry
old wooden furniture
kitchen equipment
copper and brass items and collectibles
books such as cookbooks, craft books and Penguin editions (not old textbooks, Mills & Boon or magazines)

Garage Sale at the Shed

Garage Sale at the Shed

if in doubt, ask one of the event organisers, Bruce Carman and Peter Wasser, whether your item(s) might be suitable

Only items in good condition are required. Things that are broken, damaged or not in good working order simply don’t sell, and are not wanted.

Something like a nice old chest of drawers that needs some work would of course be an exception.

If you are able to donate some items, please reply to this email at vincentmensshed@mensshedswa.org.au or speak with Bruce or Peter or the Day Manager at the Shed.

Remember – your donations are essential to help make this event a success.


VMS Committee